What is the Next Big Ping?

The Next Big Ping is the next big thing in podcasting. Ben Freedman and Andy Walker, both veteran podcasters, and media guys, bring you a new weekly show dedicated to the cyborg lifestyle. The what? Let’s face it when you merge technology into your life, whether it is gadgets,  the latest tech trend, the Internet, social media, or the latest rules about flying on a jet with mini-horses (yeah, that’s a thing), there is going to be complications. 

The Next Big Ping helps you navigate the trends, the highs and the very real lows of coping with tech-enabled humans. It is not a show for geeks, but for cyborgs, humans that are living in a technology-enabled world, where coping can be difficult because of the fast forward nature of accelerating technology, and fun. It’s the Next Big Ping, released every Thursday.