Abolish Time Zones and the Rise of the RoboBee

Next Big Ping Episode 7

Episode 6 of the Next Big Ping

Run time: 1:00:18

In Episode 7 of The Next Big Ping:

  • Abolish daylight savings? Some say yes. Abolish time zones? Perhaps, though could be a dumb move. 
  • Harvard researchers have created a robotic bee powered by solar.
  • ADHD is on the rise in adults. Up 50% in 10 years. 
  • Keep Monsanto from sponsoring us by joining the Cyborg Army and support the show.
  • Self driving farm equipment is almost here…and it will drive down the cost of food.
  • Does the flu shot matter? Yes. No. Huh? Good question.
  • And Apple Tv+ is here and it has a unique advantage over Netlfix.
  • All this and more, plus an update on Ben and Andy’s adventures with the Carnivore Diet.
  • Visit us on the web at https://nextbigping.com

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