AI can predict your imminent death / AirPod flexing

Epsidoe 8: AI can predict your imminent death /  AirPod flexing

Episode 8 of the Next Big Ping

Run time: 1:02:39

In Episode 8 of The Next Big Ping:

  • Ben and Andy close out their 30 day Carnivore Diet challenge with their results.  Andy is now on to the Bulletproof Diet and Ben is going to eat salad for a week just to get some crunch back into his meals, before going back on for another month.
  • Join our Cyborg Army
  • New study shows that artificial intelligence can predict your impending death in the next year from electrical data from your ECG. 
  • AirPod Pros that fly out of your ear? And what is with AirPod Flexing and 17 year old girls (and boys)?
  • Is there a foldable tablet in your future? New devices from Samsung and LG.
  • 3D printing is coming of age. With metal 3D printing coming, we discuss what is about to become possible. 
  • Elon Musk’s Starlink project should bring Internet from orbit to the whole Earth.
  • 1982 Blade Runner movie’s future is our present: Nov 2019. We discuss what has come true.
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