Algae can save the world and Facebook sees and hears all

Algae can save the world - ep3 next big ping

Episode 3 of the Next Big Ping

Run time: 0:50:37

In Episode 3 of The Next Big Ping:

Episode run time: 00:50:36

  • A new algae bioreactor might just be the solution we are looking for help scrub greenhouse gases.
  • Join the Cyborg Army.
  • Facebook introduces Facebook Portal TV that helps make conferencing from your TV easy. But it also listens to you at home and can watch you via a camera. 
  • Beyond Meat burger goes retail in the U.S. 
  • Nike gets into AI, buying an AI company to help fit your shoes and sell you more stuff.
  • Bye bye jobs, hello Universal Basic Income?
  • Rod Stewart cured of prostate cancer
  • Reach out and touch someone on your Skype calls with a robot.
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