blinded by Eating Potato Chips

Blinded by Potato Chips

Episode 1 of the Next Big Ping

Run time: 1:01:44

In Episode 1 of The Next Big Ping:

  • Kid goes blind because all he ate was potato chips. 
  • Invasion of privacy – Will you let cops access your Ring doorbell video?
  • iPhone 11? What will they call the new iPhone set for release in Sept 2019. Three models to be released. Including a possible iPhone 11 Pro Max?
  • UK rocket man delivers mail using a five mini-engine jet suit.
  • Pizza and ice cream are additive, researchers find.  Wha? Yeah.
  • Carbon NanoTube transistors to replace silicon transistor chips…coming in 2024
  • Ah screw it…we’re all doomed anyway…because the next mass extinction event is on its way.

Note: In this episode we reference “last week’s episode” which we are calling Episode 0, which will be released soon as a bonus for those that are curious, but it was more of a test than anything else.

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