Carnivore Diet Test, Life on Mars and Spider Bot on the Moon

Next Big Ping - Carnivore Diet Test

Episode 5 of the Next Big Ping

Run time: 0:42:10

In Episode 5 of The Next Big Ping:

  • The Great Carnivore Diet Test has begun. Chubby cyborgs Ben and Andy attempt to shed some pounds with an all meat diet.
  • Join the Cyborg Army.
  • Life on Mars may have already been discovered.
  • Spiderbot to explore the Moon in 2021, courtesy of the Brits
  • Google Pixel 4 is out and it has face radar (yay!) and no earphone jack (boo).
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Basic Rules of The Carnivore Diet

Here are the basics that Ben and Andy are following on their Carnivore Diet that they started in Episode 5 of the Next Big Ping:

  1. Eat animals only. Beef, chicken, pork (including bacon) , seafood, etc.
  2. Whole fat dairy is ok if you don’t have an issue digesting it.
  3. Yes to cheese.
  4. We drink coffee as it is a neutral food but we both use whole cream and Andy also uses unsalted butter.
  5. Andy is drinking scotch.
  6. No bread, no processed foods, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no vegetables, no flour, no starches, no sugar.
  7. Andy supplements with duck fat and eats egg yolks for breakfast.
  8. Adding some carbohydrate neutral vegetables turns it into a ketogenic diet.
  9. If in doubt, ask if it is from an animal, if it is is is ok to eat.

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