Join the Cyborg Army

No one likes ads in podcasts. They pretty much suck. But making podcasts costs money so we have decided to be a listener supported production.

That means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism. If you get value, are entertained, learn stuff or just generally enjoy the show, please help us by becoming a supporter and sharing the show with your friends, your family, your barista and/or random strangers.

Since the Next Big Ping is a podcast about how we technology-enhanced humans are coping with the reality of fast encroaching, and accelerating technology in culture, health, society, science, we’ve assigned cyborg levels to the donations as follows:

Cyborg Army Membership

Donate $1, $2 or $5 per episode. That’s $4, $8 or $20 per month. If you prefer to donate a different recurring amount, drop us an email at [email protected] and we will gratefully arrange a custom recurring payment.

Subscription options

Executive Cyborg Membership

Once your aggregated donation exceeds $200, you are promoted to the Cyborg Officer level and get a Cyborg Officer credit in the show notes. This can be hyperlinked to your company or personal blog or podcast, if you wish.

For those who make a $333 donation or more one time or aggregated over time get an Executive Cyborg level credit on the website show notes and their name mentioned on the show. It can also be linked, if you wish.


One Time Donation

Make a one time donation. Enter any amount you wish. More than $50 or more will be acknowledged one time on a future show. You can choose to opt out of the mention in the comments on the donation submission if you wish. Donations $49.99 or less will be anonymous automatically. Click the button below.

Anyone donating $49.99 or less will automatically remain anonymous. Also you can request to remain anonymous.