How Next Big Ping came to be a thing


It was the dawn of podcasting and the guys both found an early following with their respective shows. Ben had been working as a tech entrepreneur and had sold a couple of companies. Andy had been a long time tech journalist and eventually host on G4techTV’s syndicated TV show Call for Help along with Leo Laporte and Amber Mac.

Ben Freedman and Andy Walker became friends after early adventures in podcasting. It was 2005, and Ben was producing and hosting and Andy had just launched Lab Rats with Sean Carruthers.

Both and Lab Rats ran for several more years, ran their respective courses, and then the guys got on with their lives.

Ben launched a video production business (Prime Image Media) and Andy wrote a few books (Amazon) and evolved into building and selling web businesses and running a digital marketing agency.

Fast forward to 2019 when one lazy summer day, Ben pinged Andy on Facebook and said: “Hey wanna do a podcast?” Andy had just come back from a year in Malaysia with is wife Kay and son Carter.

The answer was: “Of course!”

And so, the Next Big Ping was born.

So why this show? And why now?

We both wanted to cover what we call “cyborg culture”, how we as humans are coping with a fast paced ever-changing life that is impacted by technology, science and health and cultural innovations. We decided to work off news clips on the trends that have humans meshing, merging and sometimes messing with technology. Let’s face it, we’re all a little bit cyborg these days. And that is changing how we live our lives. For the better, for worse and with a lot of high strangeness at times.

On the show we inject a mixture of bemusement, curiosity and a little bit of cultural horror into the show and its content, because becoming cyborgs is not easy, but it sure is fun.